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- Full Stack Solution -

Aigens provided solutions for Genki Sushi Hong Kong & China which included Kiosk, Smartphone Ordering as well as Loyalty Program. Like most of our partner, Kiosk and Smartphone Ordering improves in customer satisfaction and service levels, reduced the trouble of short-staffed and long queue. Also, with a well developed central hub, orders from different gateways are handled simultaneously and precisely. Data from the hub are converted into insights to drive the decision of cross-selling or improve user experience.


Solution 2

Smartphone Mobile Ordering

Investment and maintenance for in-store devices is no longer necessary. Genki let the users
order through their own devices

Solution 1


Genki use our Kiosk for takeaway orders, which separated the queue from checkout.

Solution 3

Web Order and Loyalty App

To shape an unique experience of membership program, a brand new ordering site and mobile application is tailor-made. New features like ticketing and Genki Point system is created and optimized for the brand